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All Four Courses at Barefoot Undergoes Overseeding In the midst of Harsh Winter

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To fight the colder than normal temperatures Myrtle Beach has endured over the last few years, Barefoot decided to overseed tee boxes, fairways, and all the putting surfaces. A lush green golf course and superb playing conditions  await you this winter at Barefoot!

Published by: Rich Bartram, PGA

Fazio 18- Fall Overseed

This past winter Barefoot Resort & Golf made the decision to not overseed there fairways during the winter months or “dormant” season. This maintenance practice is encouraged by the PGA of America and aims to promote fast and firm playing conditions for golf courses located in the south. Unfortunately, Myrtle Beach and the surrounding areas experienced the coldest winter in 25 years. This along with a very wet first quarter, most courses at the beach were a few weeks behind in growth and green up; especially the ones who decided to forgo fall overseeding.

“We adopted this practice in an effort to clean up the courses and kill all the lingering winter weeds in the rough, fairway, approach areas, and around the greens. For us, it was simply a fine-tuning to increase the quality of the playing surfaces throughout the year especially, in the spring  and summer season.” – John Hughes, Head Golf Course Superintendent

Love Aerial View Ruins

In an effort to fight the colder than normal winters Myrtle Beach has experienced, Barefoot decided to overseed tee boxes, fairways and most importantly the putting surfaces. We expect these maintenance practices to provide a lush green golf course and superb playing conditions for our membership and guests throughout this fall and winter.

We would like to thank everyone for their ongoing support of Barefoot Resort & Golf and The Dye Club as we strive to continue to provide excellent playing conditions for our members and guests.