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Big Break Myrtle Beach Episode 9 Recap

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A lot was at stake in this episode. Who was moving on to the final four and will Charlie use his Super Immunity to guarantee him on the final four, or pocket $10,000?
The day’s challenges started on the sixth hole on our Love Course. There were four locations on the hole; a 100-foot putt, downhill chip, a chip over the famous ruins wall and finally, a 100-yard shot. The players closest to the hole for the first three locations advanced, where the winner secured immunity and earned a trip to the final four. Toph, Jimmy and Emily moved on to the 100-yard shot to vie for immunity. Besting both male competitors, Emily claimed victory by putting her shot to 4’2”.


No. 6- Love Course

The second immunity challenge contained three locations; a 7-foot putt, a 160 yard shot, and one from 230 yard out. Each contestant was to play the hole out from each location, with the lowest score earning immunity and the person with the highest score sent straight to elimination. Anthony and Charlie successfully holed their putts on the opening location, whereas Jimmy and Toph missed. Immediately, Anthony and Charlie fought for immunity, while Toph and Jimmy avoided going directly to elimination. Each match tied the 160 yard shot, leaving the 230 shot as the deciding factor. Anthony and Charlie both came up short of the green. Anthony chipped up to a respectable three feet. Charlie left himself with a simple chip, only to leave it 9-feet short. He was dissatisfied with chip shot and proceeded to miss his putt. Anthony coolly drained his putt sending him to the semis. He looked at everyone and said “final four!”

Jimmy and Toph’s “match” proved to be a one man show. Toph knocked in a six-footer to send Jimmy to elimination. Jimmy is no stranger to elimination as he has spent most of his time in the “show up” or “go home” arena.

But wait! Charlie was eliminated with super immunity still in his bag. Immediately the focus turned to Charlie, who had to decide if he would use the Super Immunity, guaranteeing a spot in the semifinals, or keep it and be rewarded $10,000 if he advanced to the final four. Charlie who touts himself as being a confident person, decided not to use the immunity. He mentioned he was there to play golf and didn’t want the power of immunity to sway his decision.

Jimmy wound up choosing Charlie in place of his good buddy Toph, to duke it out in the two-hole elimination shootout.

The first hole of the elimination challenge was on hole 4 of the Love Course. Touted as being one of the shortest par 4’s on all of the Grand Strand, both players birdied out of the gate. They moved to the seventh hole, which is a par 4 measuring 419 yards. Both players hit good tee shots, leaving them with equal shots to the green. Both players missed the green; Charlie was short and Jimmy soared long and right. Jimmy hit a marvelous chip which lipped out before ending up just over two feet from the hole.


No. 7- Love Course

Ironically Charlie was faced with a shot, very similar to the one he left short earlier, in the battle for immunity. He hit an even worse shot, leaving himself 24 feet remaining. Charlie missed his par putt and Jimmy converted his. Charlie, who was the perennial favorite, was left packing with the Super Immunity still in his bag. It was difficult for Charlie to realize how close he was and what could have been should he have used his immunity.

Tessa Teachman- 8th Contestant to be eliminated from Big Break Myrtle Beach

Tessa Teachman- 8th Contestant to be eliminated from Big Break Myrtle Beach



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Down to the final four…

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