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Improve Distance Control When Putting

Posted in: Golf Tips/Lesson

Two Drills to help improve your distance control when putting

Right Hand Only Drills

The right hand only drills are wonderful ways to achieve distance control on long lag putts. Because your right hand and fingers play such an important role in how you feel distance, this drill is a great way to develop touch.

How To Perform This Drill:

Take ten balls and place them in the middle of the green. Mark the spot from where you’re putting with a tee. Take a comfortable stance and grip the putter with your right hand only. From there, putt the first ball with just your right hand at a spot on the fringe of the green. Your goal is to get the ball to stop as close to the fringe, without actually touching it, as you can. Take the second ball and, using the same technique, putt to a spot about five yards right of your first ball. Again, you want it as close as possible to the fringe without touching it. Continue this all the way around the green until your last ball has been putted. When you’re done putting the balls to the fringe, walk to your golf balls and putt them back to the tee. Make sure you’re still using just your right hand. One lap around the green with ten balls is considered a set. Do a couple sets a week when practicing.

Added tips…Use your eyes. Focus on the fringe and let your eyes determine how hard to hit the ball. Also, feel your entire arm swinging — not just your hand and wrist.


Another right hand only drill to use to develop touch, as well as visualizing the putting line. Again, obtaining feel in your right hand and fingers will give you the ability to judge distances from all over the green.

How To Perform This Drill:

Set ten balls in a row beginning five feet from the hole. Each ball should be three feet away from the previous ball. When you are finished setting the balls, the first will be three feet away from the cup and the tenth will be thirty feet away. Then, put a tee in the ground 18 inches on the other side of the cup. To start the exercise, set up comfortably to the first ball. Grip the putter with your right hand only and stroke the ball toward the cup. Your only thought should be to knock it in with the correct speed. The ball should not go further than eighteen inches past the hole on a missed putt, (the tee is your guide). After you’ve stroked the first putt, go back to the next ball in line and start the process over. Continue this procedure until all balls are putted. No matter what ball you’re putting, from three feet to thirty, it should travel at the same speed at the hole. They should either go in or get past the hole — but not past the tee. So, we want all balls in that 18 inch zone past the hole if not holed. This is optimum speed. Ten balls make a set. Strive to do 5 sets a week when practicing.

Added tips…Again, use your eyes. Before hitting each putt, take two practice swings while looking at the hole. Feel your entire arm – not just your hand and wrist.

This tip was written for right-handed golfers. If left-handed just reverse everything.

Rules Question of the Month
You’re playing golf in inclement weather and hit your ball into a green-side bunker that is fully immersed with water.
What is the rule and procedure?

• Take a drop outside the bunker without a stroke penalty.
• Take the ball and place it on the green with a two-stroke penalty.
• Go back to where the last ball was hit and hit another one.
• Take a drop outside the bunker with a stroke penalty.

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