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Playing in Cold Weather

Posted in: Golf Tips/Lesson

Being prepared is the best advice anybody can give when playing in cold weather. Consider wearing thermal underwear, a turtleneck, and loose a fitting sweater or personally, I like to wear a sweater vest. The sweater vest helps me swing a little more freely.

As for the lower body include heavy trousers like corduroy but personally I do not like wool. And depending upon how cold it is I will sometimes wear two pairs of socks. A players hands, head and feet are the most critical to keep warm. A wool stocking cap that can be pulled over the ears is a must. As for the hands, the new technology of winter soft gloves these days are ideal. Though not essential hand warmers (the new instant chemical variety) is the most convenient. But remember it is ILLEGAL to heat golf balls with a warming device during play.

Playing in cold weather also calls for some adjustments in technique and strategy. When wearing extra clothing the swing tends to shorten. This coupled with playing a cold golf ball, requires that the player take more club to reach the desired distance. It is essential that the player stretch before their round as well as during their round. It would be a good idea to walk as much as possible and also pick up some lower compression golf balls when it’s cold.

Just remember one thing — you are out there to have fun, not to shoot the best round of your life!

All these tips should help for a more enjoyable day on the course.

Jeffrey P. Diehl

Head Assistant Golf Professional

Barefoot Resort & Golf