Who is eligible for membership at Barefoot Resort & Golf?
Only those who own property in the Centex/Pulte Homes Developments, North Towers/Yacht Club Villas and The Retreat in Barefoot Resort and in the North Beach Plantation Project are eligible to secure the membership. There are properties in the Resort that are excluded from eligibility. The Corporate Membership does not require property ownership for eligibility.


Is there a deadline by which property buyers must enroll?
Purchasers of any new Retreat property as offered through purchase have 60 days from the date of closing to enroll.   Purchasers of resale property who wish to secure the membership for a reduced transfer or initiation fee have 60 days from the date of closing to enroll.


What are the current monthly dues and can they change?
•  $154 per month for “Golf and Social” level
•  $65 per month for “Social” only level
•  Monthly dues certainly can change in the future.


What are the differences between the Golf and Social level and Social level?
Please see the separate WEB pages which list all privileges and benefits


May members upgrade from Social level to Golf level?
Yes, members may upgrade from Social to Golf at any time depending on when the member last changed levels. Barefoot does not switch members between Golf level and Social level depending on the time they are at or not at Barefoot Resort.
There is no additional fee for upgrading to the Golf level.


What family members are included in the Resort Membership?
The Resort Membership is set up as a “Family Membership” with membership defined as primary member, spouse/significant other and any children 23 and under.  When children turn 24 they are no longer considered members.


How many tee times may golf members make and how many guests may members bring?
Each family membership may make one tee time per day up to a foursome.
Only those within the foursome may receive the appropriate member and guest discounts. Members may book additional guests but those exceeding the foursome limit must pay full price for golf with the exception of the “day-of-play” provision which is outlined below.

Golf Members may book large groups up to a maximum of 12 players on a “day-of-play” basis. Members may call as early as 6:00 AM on the day-of-play or walk into the clubhouse to inquire about available space. Tee times are available on a first come, first served basis and Barefoot Staff may refuse to book groups larger than a foursome based on the busyness of play on that day. Golf Members will pay the normal cart fee and all guests will play for member/guest rate.


How do I make tee times at Barefoot Resort?
Call the Pro Shop at 843-390-3200 or walk-in to the Pro Shop counter.
Golf members may make tee times as far out as seven days in advance.
Social members may make tee times as far out as eleven months in advance since they pay full “walk-in price or the day prior after 1:00 PM if they are using “Social Member Vouchers.”


What happens if I don’t cancel a tee time and/or not show up for the tee time?
Barefoot Resort & Golf has a general tee time cancellation policy that asks for 48-hour notice of tee-time cancellation.  This notice gives the Golf Club the opportunity to try and resell the tee time.  If a  member makes a tee time for a foursome, does not cancel and then does not show up, they will be charged for one member rate and three member guest rates.


What is the member-guest rate?
Currently ranges from $45 to $96, depending on season and time of day.  Resort member guests play at member-guest rate.  Member-guest rates are tied to the full “walk-in” rates and season.
Occasionally, member-guest special rates are offered.  These are announced in member communication.


Is there an inactive member status?
Inactive status is available to a property owner who owns multiple properties and wishes to have a membership attached to each property.  The owner must pay an initiation fee for each property but must only pay $25 monthly dues for the inactive property.
There is no inactive or “reduced benefit” status for those owners whose permanent residence is out-of-town. A member with only one property must be enrolled at least at the Social level.


How do we handle multiple owners of one property?
For current property owners, each owner must pay the initiation fee and monthly dues of the membership.
For new purchasers, The Retreat at Barefoot and North Beach Plantation Towers cover one initiation fee with each property sold.  Additional owners must pay an initiation fee of $3,000 and appropriate monthly dues.
For resale purchases, additional owners must pay an initiation fee of $3,000 and appropriate monthly dues.


How are memberships transferred?
Memberships are not transferable from one property to the next.  The value of the membership remains with the property and the seller of property forfeits the membership upon closing.  Buyers of resale property that have memberships attached currently pay a $2,500 transfer fee to Barefoot Resort Golf Club, LLC.  The transfer fee will likely increase as the value of the Resort Membership increases.
Memberships are not sold or transferred to non-property owners at Barefoot Resort or North Beach Plantation.


May Resort Members bring guests into the members only area?
Yes, they get the same privileges and benefits as the member as long as the member is present and paying the bill.


Is the initiation fee a one-time fee and will there be future fees as the value of the membership increases?
Currently, it is a one-time fee and there are no other assessments.


Are there any merchandise or food and beverage minimums?
Not at this time but may be subject to change.


May Members bring guests to participate in weekly Member play or Travel Days?
The weekly play and Travel Days are set up as privileges for Golf level Resort Members only.  Therefore, guests of Members are not allowed to participate in these events.


How do I pay the monthly dues and charges to my account?
Each Member provides a credit card or bank account number for the Accounting Dept. to keep on file.  Any account charges are billed to this card at the end of each month while dues are charged to the card at the beginning of each quarter (calendar year).


What happens when I fall behind on account and dues payments?
Any member with an account that is 30 days or more past due will not be allowed to charge to their member account until the balance is paid in full. Any member with an account that is 60 days or more past due will not receive any member discounts or privileges until the balance is paid in full. Accounts 6 months past due result in revocation of membership with full initiation fee required for reinstatement.


How do I keep up with my account balance?
The Accounting Dept. sends statements to all members depending on account activity and dues charges.  If a member charges to an account, a statement listing all charges will be sent at the beginning of the following month.  Statements listing dues charges are sent at the beginning of each quarter (calendar year) following the date the actual charge is made.
Statements may be sent to members either by e-mail or through the postal service.


What should I do when I sell my property at Barefoot Resort?
Provide proof of sale upon closing by forwarding a copy of the first page of the HUD Settlement or Closing Disclosure Statement to the Membership Dept.  The Membership Dept. will then initiate cancellation and any dues credit owed member and also correspond with the buyer regarding their membership options.  Of course, the membership is transferable to the buyer of a property which has a membership attached.


Do I need a member ID and, if so, how do I get it?
All Resort Members, including family members eligible for membership, must have a permanent magnetic stripe ID card in order to receive privileges and benefits associated with the membership.  ID’s are obtained by making an appointment with the Membership Dept. to have a photo taken and ID processed.
All members must present their ID when checking in for golf, buying merchandise or buying food and beverage at any of our Barefoot Resort & Golf facilities.


What should I do when my personal information on file with Barefoot changes?
It is the member’s responsibility to contact the Membership Dept. (843-390-3207 or 843-390-3203) as soon as possible with address changes, phone number changes, e-mail changes and any other personal information changes which might affect communication.  Changes or updates relating to credit card numbers and the member’s account should also be directed to the Membership Dept. (843-390-3207 or 843-390-3203). Office hours for the Membership Dept. are 8:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday – Friday.


What is the status of the facilities at the Barefoot Driving Range?
The Barefoot Bar & Grill at the Driving Range is now operated by a private individual.  However, Barefoot Members may still receive a 10% discount at the Putters Pub Bar & Grill if the Member ID is displayed.


For more information on Memberships, please contact:

Barefoot Resort & Golf – Membership Department
4980 Barefoot Resort Bridge Rd.
North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582
Toll Free: 1.866.903.8761
Local: 843.390.3203