Special Functions

The information in this package will assist you with planning your function and acquaint you with the many banquet services available at Barefoot Resort and The Dye Club. The menu selections included have been developed to suit a wide variety of occasions. If you prefer to choose different items, the staff will assist you in designing a menu to your specific needs.

These guidelines help insure every detail of your function is carried out to the highest standard. Please take time to familiarize yourself with the guidelines and make note of any areas in which the staff may provide further information. We highly recommend that you meet with our staff to ensure all particulars are thoroughly understood and coordinated to your satisfaction.


Barefoot Resort and The Dye Club must provide all food and beverage with exception of birthday and wedding cakes. Buffet Service Policy – There must be a minimum of 50 people to have a buffet set meal. On all buffets, the club will provide the agreed amount of food for the booked guests. The stations will be well stocked and excellent presentation will be maintained at all times. Any requests for carryout containers will be declined for buffet and hors d’oeuvre type service. Unless specifically noted all food left from functions remains our property. All contracts include 20% gratuity.

Room Charges

Daily charges for non-food functions are as follows: Resort- Ball Room $500 plus $75 setup fee. The Dye Club- Pete Dye room: $400 plus $75 set up fee; Tom Fazio room: $300 plus $50 set up fee; Greg Norman and Davis Love III room: $250 plus $35 set up fee. The member’s lounge is off limits to everyone except members and their accompanied guests.


Your selected private room is reserved for the exclusive use of you and your guests. The club reserves the right to change the room in the event your final guarantee increases or decreases dramatically. A comparable room may be substituted at the discretion of the club. Every effort will be made to have the reserved room available for set up as early as possible. If the reserved room is being used for an earlier function, the room will be available to you a minimum of two hours in advance.


Catering arrangements must be finalized at least thirty days in advance. We must have a tentative count of guests 7 days prior to your function. It will benefit both parties to have this number as far in advance as possible during the planning process. If last minute changes affect our cost in an adverse way, The Dye Club reserves the right to adjust the stated function price accordingly. The final guest count must be made 72 hours in advance of the function. Cancellations and reductions made after this deadline will not reduce the final charges.


Certain cancellation fees will apply depending on the room; time of day and season the function is scheduled.

Wedding Receptions

There are a number of rooms to stage the wedding party prior to their entrance to the reception. These rooms DO NOT include the member’s lounge. Barefoot Resort and The Dye Club will not assume responsibility for damage or loss of any merchandise, decorations, or articles left in the club prior to, during, or after a private function.


There will be a set charge to cover cleaning costs on linen. We provide ivory tablecloths and napkins. A variety of other colors are available with notice at an additional cost.


Decorations are an important factor in creating ambiance and setting the mood for your guests. To maintain the excellent conditions of Barefoot Resort and The Dye Club, stringent guidelines govern the use, placement, installation, and removal of decorations. No nails, tacks, or tape can be used on any walls or furniture. We ask that no confetti, glitter, bubbles, rice, or birdseed be thrown or used on the property. Charges will be assessed should this occur or for any damage to club property.

Entertainment/Floral Arrangements

We keep a file of our house entertainers and florists and we will provide contact information. We ask that you do not bring in any other agents other than our recommendations. Please let us know what type of entertainment or floral decorations you have planned and any special needs that may need space or power.

A La Carte Fees

Room Fee – $600 for 4 hours (each additional hour after 4 hours is $125 per hour)
Set Up Fee – $350
Dance Floor – $500
Chef’s Charge – $50 per chef up to two (2) hours
Bartender Fee – $75 per bartender (based on 1 bartender per 75 guests)
Champagne toast – $4 per person
White Ceremony Chairs – $3 chair
Projector Screen – $15

Billing and Deposits

A minimum refundable deposit of $500 will be applied for all events. Based on the number of guests, this charge may be higher. This fee is refundable less 10% up to sixty days prior to the event. Inside sixty days, the fee will not be refunded. At least 72 hours before a function, we must receive a payment of 50% of the estimated cost of the function. Change will be accepted 72 hours prior to the scheduled event. You will be billed for your guarantee or the number of guest in attendance whichever is greater. The balance is to be paid immediately follow the function. We will provide an itemized accounting of all food, beverage, and other charges.